Director, Information Systems and Technology

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Director, Information Systems and Technology

P O S I T I O N  S U M M A R Y

 The Director of Information Systems and Technology, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for working with the technology team, department heads, senior management and staff. The Director will work to further develop and enhance the direction of the organization by ensuring that information and technology systems meet the needs of the Urban Teachers today and are prepared to support the organization as it experiences rapid growth.  The Director oversees all aspects of strategic planning and budgeting for the Information Systems and Technology Department.   S/he is responsible for the successful execution of application development, IT related projects, technology purchasing, equipment upgrades, supervising IT specialists and Salesforce Administrators, and presiding over IT-related projects across the organization.

P O S I T I O N  R E Q U I R E M E N T S

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred. Education or non-profit industry experience within a growing organization is strongly preferred. Salesforce leadership, implementation, and development will be required for success  in this role.

 K E Y  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

Consult with internal stakeholders, department managers, and team members to share critical information, present new approaches, and to discuss system improvements and changes.

Collaborate with department heads to ensure that department specific solutions are implemented appropriately and delivered on time and within budget.

Provide technological guidance across the organization.

Supervise information systems and communications platforms.

Create and implement technology strategy and roadmap to scale the organization over the next 3-5 years with an eye towards consolidating systems.

Manage information systems and technology budget across all departments.

Participate in vendor contract negotiations for all new hardware, software and cloud-based services.

Manage the day-to-day operations of the technology department including directing staff, who support Salesforce administration and development, help desk, networking, user and account management, telecommunications and other information technology functions.

Assess and anticipate technology projects and recommend appropriate actions and resources.

Establish and direct the strategic and tactical goals, policies, and procedures for the information technology department and how technology is used across the organization.

Propose hardware/software solutions to accomplish the organization’s business objectives.

Identify user needs and resolve problems.

Develop information technology policies and procedures to ensure consistent implementation and best use of given technologies, maximizing the efficiency of the organization while controlling costs.

Provide organizational leadership with guidance and direction in using technology to achieve strategic goals.

Develop, monitor, and promote best practices including key performance indicators, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting across technology activities;

Work with other departments across the organization to ensure that technology systems and practices are aligned with the mission of the organization and rigors of the Urban Teachers residency program.

Present quarterly business reviews to the CEO, CFO, and COO and manage the department budget.

Foster an industrious, resourceful, problem-solving culture across the team while ensuring that each individual is executing and being held accountable to agreed upon goals.

Conduct annual performance reviews for direct reports.

C O R E  C O M P E T E N C I E S 

The ideal candidate will have the following personal competencies and characteristics:

Expert in Information Systems, Technology, and Strategic Planning: The Director of Information Systems and Technology will have a high level of knowledge and demonstrated experience in technology development, staff management, the ability to rapidly identify challenges and overcome them, and also be a strategic thinker.

Strategic and Entrepreneurial Leader: The Director of Information Systems and Technology possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a measurable track record of strong results, and an outcome-driven, collaborative mindset.

Change Manager with Operational Experience: The Director of Information Systems and Technology will be a proactive and experienced leader with a background in managing technological change and improvements, with a thorough, detailed and wide-ranging perspective on the impacts of these changes across the organization.

Persuasive and Influential Communicator: The Director of Information Systems and Technology will possess exceptional communication skills, clearly articulating multifaceted issues to the Urban Teachers’ leadership, as well as to internal and external stakeholders.

Relationship Builder and Collaborator: Critical to success in this role, the Director of Information Systems and Technology will be skilled at building and sustaining excellent relationships across the organization.

A B O U T  U R B A N  T E A C H E R S

The mission of Urban Teachers is to prepare highly effective teachers who significantly accelerate student achievement and remain teaching in the nation’s highest-need schools. Urban Teachers accomplishes this by recruiting outstanding candidates, equipping them with state-of-the-art training, and linking their certification to their demonstration of effective teaching practices and skills. Founded in 2009, Urban Teachers is on the cutting edge of urban school reform by virtue of its link between teacher effectiveness and certification eligibility. The organization’s residents and teachers will provide the necessary proof points to make a national case for educator effectiveness and accountability.

Urban Teachers is committed to developing and supporting outstanding urban educators who adhere closely to a set of core values, including an explicit and accountable commitment to improving student performance, the ability to meet the diverse needs of children in urban settings in conjunction with parents and the local community, and an openness to work collaboratively in professional settings. Participants in the Urban Teachers program also receive a Master’s of Science in Education from the Johns Hopkins School of Education—a top 10 graduate school of education according to U.S. News and World Report. For more about Urban Teachers, please visit them here.

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